Melanie Martinez Addresses Hot Topics on New Albumn

Melanie Martinez hits on controversial topics in her new album K-12

By Erica Sells

Melanie Martinez’s new album speaks volumes about society and very harsh standards. The album, K-12, features 13 new songs. These songs cover many controversial topics such as bullying, school shootings, bulimia, self-harm, and depression. Many of these songs have children’s laughter playing the background, seeming to paint a picture of innocence, but the songs themselves include many curse words and mature themes.

If I had to pick a favorite, I would choose “The Principal”, a song about a school shooter. It paints a picture of a greedy bully who loves the attention they get from being so violent. But it could also be implying that the bully is the true murderer, because they traumatized the actual shooter, driving them to hurt others. I believe it to be the latter.

Another very memorable song is “Wheels on the Bus”. This song seems to say that society fails to prevent teenagers’ bad deeds, consciously choosing to ignore their wrongdoings. The song talks about the bus driver seeing two students doing an inappropriate thing and he turns away, uncaring.

“Drama Club” is about a person who has to fit a certain image to be accepted. They have to “live by a script”. They have to wear the mask, but throughout the song, this person is refusing to do the things others say they must. They are breaking free from the mold. 

The entire album is about accepting everyone as who they are and be aware of what’s going on around us. Melanie seems to want to communicate that we should accept ourselves as well. It’s a beautiful message and the songs are magnificently crafted. The melodies of each song fit well with the lyrics. I loved the entirety of the album and can’t wait to listen to it again.

Who is Mr. Waters?

By Korissa Holloman

Mr. Waters asks the big questions.

Mr. Waters has spent most of his days trying to find some way to engage his students. It’s so hard to find a balance between being entertaining and being on task, so how does this teacher do it?

   If you can get a teenager to think, laugh, and be interested, to me that’s one of the hardest things you can do and quite an accomplishment”

While he never intended on becoming a teacher he enjoys teaching students about the morals of life and exciting them every day for class. That brings us to his “daily inspirations”, for those outside of the classroom it could be considered something to remember in life. Instead of getting straight to the rough work Mr.Waters takes time to make sure each student understand what each quote means and how it could encourage them or affect them in the future. Not only this, he even allows students to introduce their own daily inspirations as well as comment on them. This creates an area in which students feel they can express their options, where they can feel safe. With each small topic, or including someone who doesn’t speak often Mr. Water helps each student know their worth. 

“You have to be creative, you have to improvise, In a lot of ways you’re an entertainer doing 6 shows a day.”

Waters making very important phone calls during his planning period.

So who is Mr. Waters? At least who is he outside of the classroom? His positive demeanor seems to carry throughout his life. From joining the “5 am club” to learning his students “lingo” he always seems to have something going on. Currently, he’s planning to entertain his second wedding. That’s right, he’ll be the entertainment along with a few of his friends at a wedding. And no he won’t be a stand-up comedian, he’ll be the lead guitarist in his band. So, if you want to catch a good show and learn about History, stop by Mr. Waters class and you won’t be disappointed. 


RMS Cheer Proves to Be a Tough Sport

By Emily Sadler

This summer has been long and tough for the RMS cheer team. They have worked really hard on their stunts, tumbling, jumps and cheers. Their coach Kayleigh Thomas is a new addition to the RMS cheer team. There are two 6th graders, two 7th graders, two 5th graders, and five 8th graders. At their cheer practice, they work on stunts, tumbling, jumps, and cheers. They currently have really advanced tumblers. Their stunts have improved dramatically, they know how to do pull-ups, half ups, libs, preps, and more!!! 

The current middle school cheerleaders are between 5th and 8th grade.  They have currently 11 girls on the cheer team. The girls cheer at most football and basketball games, but it can be a really tough sport. If the team is working on stunts they have to be really serious because something could go wrong and someone could get hurt. Tumbling changes depending on where the team needs more focus, for example, they could be working on more advanced moves like back handsprings, back tucks, fulls, all of which can be dangerous. Jumps aren’t always serious, but it’s always important to be careful and stretch before practice or games.

When the cheerleaders are cheering at the football or basketball games they have to be both serious and cheery. There are fun times at practice when they get to take pictures and get to try new stunts or new tumbling. When they are really focusing they get a lot of things done. The team has shown a lot of growth since the first day they started. If anyone is considering joining the team they won’t be disappointed, it’s a really good learning experience and they could find out that they are good at cheer and really enjoy it.

RHS JV Soccer Starts With A Splash

By Malley Jayne

On August 13th the Lady Panthers had their first soccer game of the season against Monroe county.  Starting off their second season the Lady Panthers were excited for there first game. Before the game started several players noticed how flooded the field was.

Expecting regular field conditions the team was disappointed when they found out a huge storm had hit the area a couple of hours before. Due to the storm hitting half of the filed was submerged in water. During the time before the game while the girls were warming up they were trying to learn and figure out the sweet spots of the field.  Defeating the team pretty easily they won 6-0.

Most of the girls are anywhere from 8th graders to juniors. The team includes Makiyah Morrow, Jermani Morris, Jasmine Kennedy, Anastasia Dowlen, Dominica Flowers, Irelan Evans, Aliyah Kennedy, Emily Stapelton, Malley Jayne, Caitlynn Patton, Amaya Maybray,  and Lexi Cothern.

The team as a whole have hoped that for the past year and a half they would eventually get enough girls to have more than just the 11 players needed to play on the field.  Right now the team has around 15 players on the JV team but on the middle school and high school team they each only have about 12 or 13 players. Having more people makes it easier when players are hurt, sick, or ineligible to play.

Panthers Prove Their Pep

By Gracie Belew

Pep Rallies have always had a special place at RHS with students coming out to support all Fall sports.

The Panthers kicked off their season August 23rd at an away game at Warren East. On Friday, August 30th, they had their first home game-at Rhea Stadium. In order to celebrate, Russellville hosted a pep rally to energize its students and players. 

In the past, pep rallies have included games and competitions between grades. There were a few challenges and games attempted by students such as eating six crackers in 1 minute and digging gummy bears out of a bowl of whipped cream without using hands. This helped to create a fun and energetic environment to set the tone for the game later that night.  

At the pep rally, there was an introduction for all the fall sports and a performance by the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders showcased a new dance and cheer to help pep up the student body. Afterward, there was a volleyball game against staff members and seniors. The game itself was very intense. The teachers and students participating were quite competitive, and the audience was captivated by the intensity of the game. The game was a nail biter, but in the end, the teachers were able to pull out a win. 

Overall, the pep rally was a great way to get students involved and excited about this football season. Hopefully, the fun energy and excitement produced by the pep rally will continue onto the field as the team starts their 2019-2020 season. 

Big Changes for RMS Softball

By Madison Penrod

The RMS softball has just started up in the past 6 years and last season was their best yet.  The team went 22-6 which is the highest ever in the middle school’s record. The Lady Panthers won district and placed third at the state tournament.  Their effort, hard work at practice, and the team bonding allow them to achieve this win as a team.

This season the team lost 5 of their key players. This year the team is doing very well for having to fill the places of the 8th graders they lost while improving the players they already have.  The one really big spot they had to fill was a pitcher. Amiyah Collier pitched every varsity game last year. As a Freshman, she is no longer on the RMS team. While it’s good to have a strong team, a lot of newcomers presents its own challenges. The more experienced girls to improve because of the number of new girls on the team.

The current 8th graders on the team feel like they are often held to a higher standard than the other girls. 8th grader Reese Croslin said, “I feel like we have more responsibilities rather than less experienced girls. But, I get it though because we have to be a leader to the team.” Another eight-grader Crissy Higgins says she likes being an eighth-grader and being responsible. But, she does not like how the girls depend on upperclassmen to pick up everything after the games. Despite all of the changes, this will be another good year for the RMS Lady Panthers softball team.


Opinion: VSCO Girls-A Trend That Lacks Creativity

By Reese Croslin

VSCO girls are taking over social media with their scrunchies, Oversized T-shirts, and Hydro flasks.

VSCO girls are a big hit right now in Logan County not just here but in the United States. You might be wondering what VSCO girls are. A VSCO girl is someone whose lifestyle matches the aesthetic of the VSCO app.

Most of us know that the basic VSCO girl look is a Hydro Flask water bottle, friendship bracelets, a puka shell necklace, scrunchies, oversized t-shirt or hoodie, and someone who wears light makeup.  It’s a look that’s very much defined by a pretty basic look. They are getting so much attention just for their looks. Have you never seen anybody wear scrunchies or an oversized hoodie or shirt? That’s basically a VSCO girl. Maybe you just want to come to school and look like a bum, but it’s schools your getting up early anyway so why not dress up one day of the week.

My opinion on VSCO girls is they are getting way too much attention for very little creativity. They are literally taking over social media. Social media is flooded with weird sayings and sounds like,” and I oop” and “sksksks”. This is a ridiculous trend and I know I am not alone in my opinion. I asked fellow 8th grader Madison Penrod, her opinion on the trend.  She believed that they were getting attention for nothing and that these girls aren’t creating something new, but they are all doing the same basic they, “They are just being stereotyped”.  My point exactly!

RMS Basketball Starts a Season of Change

By Eli McMurry

It’s always basketball season in Kentucky and the Panthers are on the court prepping for the start of a new season.

Basketball season is approaching very quickly and along with this new season comes many new changes. The Panthers have to adjust to the new coach and his new rules. The team has lost a lot of key players from last year like the star player Jeremiah Smith. This year the team will have to rely on their new lead players like AJ Woodard who already have several years of experience. The team is looking good with solid, role players like DJ Elliott, Junvontre Dillard, and Samson Hightower.

The team started workouts which are going well, but several players are in attendance because they are playing football. At workouts, though the team is learning how to be explosive with the ball and how to get by a defender faster. The team also works on defensive drills and trying to learn how to encourage each other instead of getting frustrated when things go wrong.                                                    

There are many different expectations for this year with some at RMS claiming the team may not be as good as they were in the past. Others believe the team will be good if they learn how to work with each other and play to their strengths. With a focus on academics, the team is ready to have all players eligible and ready, creating positive role models on and off the court.     

The Russellville Middle School team will be starting off the season by playing Barren County.  Barren County is a strong team who holds a win over RMS ast year. The Panthers are hoping to come back and beat them this year. The team is probably most excited for the game against Logan County because they want a chance to beat their biggest rival. This season will hopefully be a learning point and a good season for the Russellville Middle School basketball team. 

The Tough Job of a Systems Engineer

By: Anna Ragland, Bailey Harper, and Candace Baker

Special thanks to Mrs. Mullen’s 5th period class for contributing this article and photos to the Paw Print.

This week during 5th-period, Mrs. Mullen’s class followed around the systems engineers as they complete their daily tasks caring for the tanks environment. 

A systems engineer is in charge of completing different tasks that involve making sure the tank is working and is a healthy environment for our fish to live in. “Our job is to make sure that the aquaponics system is working correctly,” says Freshman Graciann Beard. This job is important because the tank needs to be working properly in order to keep the plants and fish alive. Freshman Rachel Logan explained, “We make sure that the fish are healthy and we make sure the tank is clean for the fish and plants”. The systems engineers have a very important job because they need to make sure the tank is clean and working properly to ensure that the plants and fish are happy and healthy. 

Having the pressure of having the job of taking care of the fish’s environment is difficult, but the system’s engineers put their abilities to the test. This week our systems engineers have monitored the temperature of the tank, measured the water’s filter, cleaned the koi tank’s air stones (salt-box like things), and have overall kept the tank a healthy environment for the fish. “ This week we have checked the temperature of the tank and made sure that the filter isn’t clogged,” says Adam Edwards. 

With all of the hard work that the systems engineers put into their work it might be hard to believe that it could be a fun job. Evan Minton remarks that it has been a lot of fun, “because we get to help take care of the fish’s environment and almost touch them!”In the light of it only being the systems engineers the first week, they have all worked hard to ensure the fish’s health.

It’s not all playing around in the water as Beard points out that it is a critical job because, “if you don’t check the tank the fish could die.” Staying dry was the hardest part of the job for Beard. When measuring the tank, she had to reach her hand all the way into the tank and ended up getting a lot of her hair wet! Mrs. Mullen’s class is practicing 21st century skills and identified that “team work, coordination, and hands-on activities” are all part of being a system engineer. 

This group of students was able to keep the tank a healthy environment for the fish while overcoming many obstacles along the way. 

Reese Croslin: 8th grade

Hi! My name is Reese Croslin! I have lived in Russellville, Ky my whole life. I like to play softball and spend time with my friends and family in my spare time.  I have two sisters that also go to Russellville.