How Can Time Management Reduce Stress?

Set aside time to do the important things to reduce stress.

Most of us experience stress when we feel as though we have a lack of control over the events in our lives. Being careful about how we use our time can strengthen our sense of control. As far as tips are concerned, any time management process has to begin with a realistic plan of how people are using their time.

Typically, it’s reasonable to watch how you use your time for a few days to try to get a sense of whether or not you have a problem with how you manage your time; whether you spend too much time doing something that isn’t relevant to your job or your school performance.

Once you engage in that process, setting your priorities and making lists of things that are essential for the performance of your tasks and try to differentiate them from things that don’t need to be done. Many people complain about the interruptions of e-mails and social media. It is suggested that you set aside particular times of the day for reading e-mails and social media.

Finally, one of the most important things you can do is schedule your day in 10 minutes. Set a time limit for each task you do. Never multitask, A research suggests that only 2% of people can multitask effectively. For the remaining 98% of people, multitasking is wasting their time and lessening their overall productivity.


By Rainbow Browning

Holding a grudge only hurts yourself. Studies show that bitter people and non-caring people are more likely to have high blood pressure and could die from a heart disease rather than more forgiving people. C-protein is very important and has caused heart diseases and strokes. When we have negative feelings and we hold on to them for an extended amount of time it releases more C-protein into the bloodstream increasing the likelihood of heart disease. Also, those feelings of resentment might cause someone to go into a state of depression or anxiety.

Holding a grudge only hurts yourself.

Holding a grudge is holding you back from healing and getting over whatever is hurting you, the healing process is one of the most important processes when experimenting with something that gives you the negative feelings you’re holding on to. Letting go of a grudge or just a bad feeling, in general, relieves a lot of stress and discomfort that you are holding on to. It might seem like holding someone to what they’ve done in the past and how you feel about it is what you’re supposed to do or you need to but is it worth putting yourself at stress? Holding a grudge means you’re living with anger constantly, even if it’s at the bottom of the surface.

Some people hold grudges for years, even things from childhood memory, others can let go of them after a healthy amount of time to process the feelings they are having. Holding a grudge is a very human and a common thing but it can be unhealthy in the long-term. A grudge takes on its own life so once you have a grudge it’s pretty hard to let go. Holding onto a grudge causes a feeling of anger or discomfort so trying to resolve the problem isn’t as easy as it sounds. Luckily, letting go of a grudge doesn’t mean you have to resolve the problem.

The best way to let go of a grudge is to take responsibility for your feelings. Learning to forgive might not be easy but taking responsibility is something that should come naturally if you honestly want to let go of something. Taking on this responsibility isn’t only going to help let go of this grudge, it will also relieve this anger, stress, and discomfort you might be feeling. Next time you find yourself holding a grudge just relax and choose your happiness over negative feelings.

The Importance of Literacy

By Erica Sells

Nearly, 20% of high school graduates can’t read above a 5th-grade level.

Literacy used to be a luxury and highly valued by many, but now, it seems to be a skill that is merely glanced at. So many high school students allow their English grades to drop. Yes, some students have a condition that hinders their ability to read and understand pieces of text, but many students are perfectly capable of this; they just don’t put in the effort. They disregard the impact that illiteracy will have on their future. Nearly, 20% of high school graduates can’t read above a 5th-grade level. These 20% most likely going to get jobs that pay above a lower-class wage. But! You can keep yourself from being in this 20% by using the many resources we have at RHS. There’s the book vending machine that was installed earlier this year, paid for by the Literacy Grant. We also have the library, which is offering to order books that students request. And, of course, the teachers and faculty are always available to help. As you can see, there is no shortage of support at your side.

Date Night Suggestions

By Gracie Belew

Simple date night suggestions from Gracie Belew.

“Date night” can be a stressful day of the week or month especially if you’re in a relationship.  Lots of couples go on cliche dates and buy each other the basic gifts such as chocolate and flowers. This year if you want to do different things with your friends or significant other, here are some ideas.

Not everyone has a partner, but you can still have fun! You can stay in and have a sleepover, go bowling, and surprise your friends with gifts. You and your friends can celebrate by having a sleepover and baking or watching romantic movies. You could go bowling in Bowling Green, get it?  Bowling is a fun way to spend time with your friends and get out of the house at the same time. If you do not have a partner and still want to surprise someone, you can get gifts for your friends. Some gifts for your friends could be chocolate or their favorite candy. Don’t forget the S in girlfriend(s).

If you are celebrating a date night with your sweetheart, you could stay in or go on a fun date. Some date ideas would be going out to eat, watching a movie, or you could go to the homecoming dance! Going out to eat can be romantic and just an overall good way to spend time together. If you are going for more of a romantic date, some restaurants you could go to Rafferty’s or Ariella’s. Going out to watch a movie could also be romantic. If you are looking for a good movie to watch on Netflix, you can try the new movie To all the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You!  Also, just because it’s date night doesn’t mean that you have to watch a romantic movie. Not all dates have to be super romantic, do what you think is fun.

We Have Risen: A Black History Month Tribute

By Erica Sells

From our ancestor’s brothers and sisters
From across the Atlantic
From the ships filled with sickness
From the fields of torment
From the chains segregation
From the financial struggle

We rose
Rose from pain
Rose from discrimination
We are still rising
Rising from hardship
Rising from the scraps of the past

Oh! Liberation!
How sweet it tastes
Now we forever savor it
An everlasting flavor
It brightens the soul
Like a lighthouse over the sea

Valentines Day: Not Just About Couples

By Korissa Holloman

This is the season of relationships, chocolate, and usually self-pity. Our social media is constantly blasting images of couples, late-night dinners, and romantic dates. Hallmark is producing all the usual movies, but extra lovey dovey. But you’re not alone if you’re throwing a party for yourself, or spending it like any other day. Over 124.6 million in the world will be spending valentines alone.

What we seem to forget while we cry over being alone, is that we’re actually not.

Family is the perfect company for Valentine’s Day.

Spending time with your “special one” doesn’t have to apply to just your significant other (s.o.). Valentine’s Day can be spent with yourself, your friends and even a special night to spend with your family. During these times you may feel lonely, it’s important to remember those who’ve been with us in the longest run. As cringey or silly as it sounds, go on a date with your father, take your mother out to dinner, spend time with your brothers and sisters, and let them know that their love is returned. Make sure to give as much as you take.

Of course, not everyone can visit, so we can bring the party at home. Spend your time off of social media and take some time for yourself. Gorge on those valentine chocolates, or wait until they’re on sale. Just keep in mind that Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about showing off your s.o.; it came from a much more violent background. So, while you google the history behind valentines, let yourself sink into a tub, play your favorite game, or do what you love the most. Just remember that it is the season of love and joy, you don’t spend it all being sad, someone is out there.

Wuhan Virus

By: Erica Sells

The Coronavirus began in December 2019.

The Wuhan Coronavirus was first reported in December. As of January 31st, 2020, there are over 10,000 confirmed cases of the illness. Out of those 10,000, nearly 220 have already died due to the disease. In just three weeks, the Wuhan virus has infected more than the previous SARS outbreak in 2002. SARS had only 8,000 cases within a year. Though, SARS was far more deadly, claiming the lives of 774 people.

Coronaviruses are transferred from animals to humans. This new coronavirus outbreak began in a food market within the Wuhan district, where it is common for exotic animals to be illegally sold. Scientists speculate it could’ve been transferred to humans because they were eating bats, but the same could be true of snakes.

Common symptoms of the Wuhan virus include sore throat, coughing, runny nose, fever, headache, and fluid in the lungs. This disease is airborne, but can also be transferred from person to person through physical contact. It has been concluded that symptoms will begin to show after 14 days. Because of this incubation period, travelers coming from the Wuhan district are quarantined before being allowed to roam.

On that note, please make sure to thoroughly wash your hands and maintain optimum hygiene to remain healthy.

The Legacy of Kobe Bryant

By: Katlyn Richardson

Kobe and 8 others died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020.

Kobe Bean Bryant was born on August 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, PA to Joe and Pam Bryant. He played basketball throughout high school, he was drafted into the NBA in 1996 by the Los Angeles Lakers, and during his first game in L.A he scored 50 points. On January 22, 2006, Kobe scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors in the second-most prolific single-game. His scoring performance in NBA history. Kobe Bryant was an Icon; he won 5 championships rings and he was finals MVP for his 2009 and 2010 seasons. Bryant signed a four-year, $40 million deal with Nike in 2003. Bryant’s signature shoe’s ranked among the company’s top sellers over the following 15 years.

The No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys forever hung at the Staples Center in Los Angeles took on a new meaning Sunday, when the basketball world lost Los Angeles Laker’s, future Hall of Famer, Kobe Bryant. Bryant’s legacy started on the court and reached far beyond it both during his time in the league and during retirement; the jerseys illuminated at “The House that Kobe Built” is a symbol of that.  Bryant is the only player in league history to have two jersey numbers retired with the same team. The star changing numbers, going from No. 8 to No. 24, midway through his career. Ahead of the Lakers, retiring both jersey numbers, Bryant broke down how his persona and attitude were different with the two. Kobe Bryant says, “When I first came in at 8, is really trying to ‘plant your flag’ sort of thing. I got to prove that I belong here in this league. I’ve got to prove that I’m one of the best in this league. You’re going after them. It’s nonstop energy and aggressiveness and stuff.”

When Bryant joined the Lakers in 1996, George McCloud was wearing No. 24, which was Kobe’s first high school number at Lower Merion in Ardmore, Penn. For the 2006-07 season and beyond, until his retirement in 2016, the NBA icon went back to the number he wore in his earlier basketball years: No. 24. Bryant won three NBA championship titles as No. 8 and his final two wearing No. 24. He appeared in eight All-Star games with his first number and ten after the jersey swap. He won a scoring title in each number and scored 16,777 points representing No. 8 and 16,866 points wearing No. 24. 

He got married on April 28, 2001, to Vanessa Laine Bryant. Vanessa Bryant gave birth in 2003 to their first child Natalia. Their second childGianna Bryant was born on May 1, 2006. He played his entire 20-year career in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant is considered to be one of the best NBA players of all time, winning multiple awards and trophies during his career, and is also one of the richest athletes of all time. Kobe Bryant’s net worth is estimated to be $500 million.

The last time Los Angeles Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant, played an N.B.A. game, he went out shooting. It was April 13, 2016, and Bryant scored 60 points, much to the delight of the Staples Center crowd which included the actor Jack Nicholson and rapper Snoop Dogg. He was gunning from a distance without a conscience, showing little of the wear and tear that nearly 60,000 professional basketball minutes had put on him. Bryant, who retired after that 2016 game. Tragically Kobe Bryant died Sunday in a helicopter crash near Calabasas, Calif., northwest of Los Angeles, along with his 13-year-old daughter. May he rest in peace.

YouTube: Arising Job Opportunities

By: Erica Sells

Is Youtubing a real career? For years people have asked this question and could never find the answer. There are multiple reasons as to why Youtubing should be considered a real career, so why are people still asking themselves if it’s a viable career option? They continue to ask because they’re focused on the respectability of the position. Being a Youtuber is respectable since you can make a substantial amount of money, it’s a stable position and can lead to more career pathways.

The respectability of the job depends upon how the money is made. YouTubers make their money from 2 things: advertisements and sponsorships. Anyone who has watched Youtube has run into an ad before. These ads have pay rates. Businesses pay an average of $0.18 for every view of the ad. Youtube, which is owned by Google, keeps 48% of the profits from these ads. The typical Youtuber gets around 10,000 views per video, so a Youtuber can make about $936 on one video. Most Youtubers post at least one video a week, so they would make around $44,928 a year. That’s within the lower middle class. Now, sponsorship is when a person or company that pays for the production of something in exchange for advertisement. For example, if you needed to make a video but you don’t have the funds, a company can give you the money for the video as long as you find a way to promote their products or services within the video. Many people in other positions, such as athletes or non-profit organizations, have sponsors.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, for a job to be considered a career, it must be “undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life.” This brings us to consider the stability of the position. Being a Youtuber seems very stable considering that Youtube has 1.8 billion active users – viewers and YouTubers alike. Out of those 1.8 billion, there are nearly 30 million active Youtubers – and growing – so the outlook for the industry is bright and sunny. With no limit to what kind of content you post, how much you post, or how many accounts that can be made, Youtube has essentially created an infinite number of positions to fill. There is no interview or background check required, so whether you have a criminal record or don’t have any work experience you can be a Youtuber. Plus, this is a career made for all ages; there is no age restriction on who can join or post on Youtube. Children as young as 5 years old run their own Youtube account separate from their parent’s accounts. If you took a look at the channel named Ryan’s Toy Review, it’s a young boy playing kid’s games and playing around with toys. This channel has now become a show on Nickelodeon.

For Youtubing to be considered an occupation, it must also create opportunities for the worker. This brings us to consider the stability of the position. Many have used the platform as a way to open up different career pathways. For example, Shawn Mendes learned to play the guitar from Youtube and about a year after he began to post covers of various songs. Present-day, he has millions of fans across the globe. Justin Beiber also got his start from Youtube and now has more than 500 million fans all over the world. Plenty of creative artists begin to build their network through Youtube and their accounts can get so well-known that they end up getting employed by companies outside of Youtube. Some businesses also use Youtube as a way to promote their services or products. Stone Music Entertainment showcases their stars and idols. Many popular stars use Youtube as a way to make their music available to the public. So, not only does Youtube help those looking for a career, but it also helps those who already have careers.

In conclusion, Youtubing is a stable career option that offers many opportunities without limiting one’s creativity. Because being a Youtuber provides the user with a lower-middle-class income, a stable position, and opportunities for the future, it should be considered an actual career. The official definition of a career is “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.” Youtubing could take up a substantial amount of a person’s lifetime and provide many opportunities for their future. Even though the platform has only existed for 14 years, it has positively impacted many people’s lives. It has offered money, jobs, and multiple chances for an individual to have a better future.

Church Attendance Sees A Decline

By Makayla Jefferson

It’s bright and early on a Sunday morning, in many Kentucky homes, one will find families waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking on the stove. Mom, Dad, children, and grandparents all put on their Sunday best before they head down to quickly eat and load into the car to make their way to church. For many in Logan County, this has been a familiar and comforting routine, but as the years have passed that routine has faded and died off in countless households. Church attendance is down all over the country as well as in Logan County. 

First Baptist Church in Russellville, KY.

Christianity and church are prominent values in the south and “Bible Belt “region where Logan County resides. Many Logan Countians have grown up in church, but it seems countless residents may have lost their desire for worship. There’s an age gap within the church. Many attendees are older adults, and younger attendees seem to struggle with regular attendance in comparison to older attendees. According to the Pew Research Center, “there is a clear age gap: Out of 106 countries surveyed, young adults are significantly less likely to be affiliated with a religious group in 41. In only two countries are young adults more likely to identify with a religion, while there is no significant difference in 63 countries.” This alludes to the unimportance of attachment to religion in younger generations all over the world. 

The change in the importance of religion generationally can be due to a multitude of factors. For instance, sports are of paramount importance within current generations. Many believe travel teams are a way to enhance a child’s athletic abilities, and travel teams require athletes to travel and dedicate their weekends to countless games. These games take precedence over church attendance and allot to countless seats left unfilled in sanctuaries on Sunday mornings. 

Dripping Springs Baptist Church in Olmstead.

Where sports play a role in the decline in church attendance, so does the normality of blended families within present-day generations. Fifty years ago it was somewhat uncommon to have blended families. To elaborate, the divorce rate has increased significantly in recent years. According to the American Psychological Association, “about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce.” Consequently, children in divorced families have more than one home they spend time at; therefore, on the weekends, they aren’t always at the same place, so it’s hard to consistently go to church. 

On the other hand, present-day technology and social media have contributed to the decline in church attendance. They provide an alternative method to worship. For instance, one can sit from the comfort of their own home and watch a sermon on television, computer, or phone. Churches across the country broadcast their services on social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook Live. The convenience of staying at home can lead one to feel justified in not physically attending church. 

Church attendance is dying out. In this day and age, the common Sunday morning spent in the sanctuary is no longer a common routine.