By Rainbow Browning

Holding a grudge only hurts yourself. Studies show that bitter people and non-caring people are more likely to have high blood pressure and could die from a heart disease rather than more forgiving people. C-protein is very important and has caused heart diseases and strokes. When we have negative feelings and we hold on to them for an extended amount of time it releases more C-protein into the bloodstream increasing the likelihood of heart disease. Also, those feelings of resentment might cause someone to go into a state of depression or anxiety.

Holding a grudge only hurts yourself.

Holding a grudge is holding you back from healing and getting over whatever is hurting you, the healing process is one of the most important processes when experimenting with something that gives you the negative feelings you’re holding on to. Letting go of a grudge or just a bad feeling, in general, relieves a lot of stress and discomfort that you are holding on to. It might seem like holding someone to what they’ve done in the past and how you feel about it is what you’re supposed to do or you need to but is it worth putting yourself at stress? Holding a grudge means you’re living with anger constantly, even if it’s at the bottom of the surface.

Some people hold grudges for years, even things from childhood memory, others can let go of them after a healthy amount of time to process the feelings they are having. Holding a grudge is a very human and a common thing but it can be unhealthy in the long-term. A grudge takes on its own life so once you have a grudge it’s pretty hard to let go. Holding onto a grudge causes a feeling of anger or discomfort so trying to resolve the problem isn’t as easy as it sounds. Luckily, letting go of a grudge doesn’t mean you have to resolve the problem.

The best way to let go of a grudge is to take responsibility for your feelings. Learning to forgive might not be easy but taking responsibility is something that should come naturally if you honestly want to let go of something. Taking on this responsibility isn’t only going to help let go of this grudge, it will also relieve this anger, stress, and discomfort you might be feeling. Next time you find yourself holding a grudge just relax and choose your happiness over negative feelings.

YouTube: Arising Job Opportunities

By: Erica Sells

Is Youtubing a real career? For years people have asked this question and could never find the answer. There are multiple reasons as to why Youtubing should be considered a real career, so why are people still asking themselves if it’s a viable career option? They continue to ask because they’re focused on the respectability of the position. Being a Youtuber is respectable since you can make a substantial amount of money, it’s a stable position and can lead to more career pathways.

The respectability of the job depends upon how the money is made. YouTubers make their money from 2 things: advertisements and sponsorships. Anyone who has watched Youtube has run into an ad before. These ads have pay rates. Businesses pay an average of $0.18 for every view of the ad. Youtube, which is owned by Google, keeps 48% of the profits from these ads. The typical Youtuber gets around 10,000 views per video, so a Youtuber can make about $936 on one video. Most Youtubers post at least one video a week, so they would make around $44,928 a year. That’s within the lower middle class. Now, sponsorship is when a person or company that pays for the production of something in exchange for advertisement. For example, if you needed to make a video but you don’t have the funds, a company can give you the money for the video as long as you find a way to promote their products or services within the video. Many people in other positions, such as athletes or non-profit organizations, have sponsors.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, for a job to be considered a career, it must be “undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life.” This brings us to consider the stability of the position. Being a Youtuber seems very stable considering that Youtube has 1.8 billion active users – viewers and YouTubers alike. Out of those 1.8 billion, there are nearly 30 million active Youtubers – and growing – so the outlook for the industry is bright and sunny. With no limit to what kind of content you post, how much you post, or how many accounts that can be made, Youtube has essentially created an infinite number of positions to fill. There is no interview or background check required, so whether you have a criminal record or don’t have any work experience you can be a Youtuber. Plus, this is a career made for all ages; there is no age restriction on who can join or post on Youtube. Children as young as 5 years old run their own Youtube account separate from their parent’s accounts. If you took a look at the channel named Ryan’s Toy Review, it’s a young boy playing kid’s games and playing around with toys. This channel has now become a show on Nickelodeon.

For Youtubing to be considered an occupation, it must also create opportunities for the worker. This brings us to consider the stability of the position. Many have used the platform as a way to open up different career pathways. For example, Shawn Mendes learned to play the guitar from Youtube and about a year after he began to post covers of various songs. Present-day, he has millions of fans across the globe. Justin Beiber also got his start from Youtube and now has more than 500 million fans all over the world. Plenty of creative artists begin to build their network through Youtube and their accounts can get so well-known that they end up getting employed by companies outside of Youtube. Some businesses also use Youtube as a way to promote their services or products. Stone Music Entertainment showcases their stars and idols. Many popular stars use Youtube as a way to make their music available to the public. So, not only does Youtube help those looking for a career, but it also helps those who already have careers.

In conclusion, Youtubing is a stable career option that offers many opportunities without limiting one’s creativity. Because being a Youtuber provides the user with a lower-middle-class income, a stable position, and opportunities for the future, it should be considered an actual career. The official definition of a career is “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.” Youtubing could take up a substantial amount of a person’s lifetime and provide many opportunities for their future. Even though the platform has only existed for 14 years, it has positively impacted many people’s lives. It has offered money, jobs, and multiple chances for an individual to have a better future.

My Take On Podcasts

By: Destiny Powell

A podcast is a series of spoken, audio episodes, often focused on a particular topic or theme, like cycling or startups. You can subscribe to the show with an app on your phone and listen to episodes whenever you like on your headphones, or in the car or through speakers.

Whether you like true crime or need something to pass the time, podcasts are something you should try. Podcasts are, free entertainment, podcasts are offered for free, you can listen to them anywhere, you’ll get less bored with your music library, they are usually conversations instead of stories, a great source of information, and they are perfect for those who don’t like to read or prefer audiobooks. 

There is a wide variety of podcasts to listen to like interviews, story-telling, true crime, self-help, etc. Some popular podcasts are “Crime Junkie”, “The Daily”,  and “Serial”. There is also a wide variety of apps where you can listen to podcasts like Spotify, Apple podcast, Castbox, Himalaya, etc. 

Podcasting is a time-efficient form of communication. You can listen to podcasts while you do other things at work or at home, or during traveling. Some types of meetings can be eliminated in favor of podcasts, saving time and improving productivity. Podcasts allow you to see the world from many different perspectives and hear thoughts from different voices. They also allow you to control who you are influenced by, so you can access multiple perspectives. Overall podcasts offer insight, entertainment, and a new chance to listen to things other than music.

Does School Spirit Still Exist at RHS?

By Reese Croslin

In most high schools these days school spirit is either a top priority or it doesn’t exist at all. Nowadays teenagers are too embarrassed or believe it is foolish to practice school spirit

School spirit at Russellville High School has seemed to decline. Throughout the whole school system, there is very little school spirit. Most schools usually have senior pranks, high participation in homecoming week, high attendance in student sections at games, and even high attendance in school-related events. Many people this year have not participated in any of the student sections, dress-up days, and even pep rally’s.

Juniors celebrate their big volleyball win during Football Homecoming

Russellville’s sports, in general, have taken a long time to get going and have declined in wins. Many of the students think it is embarrassing to cheer on a losing school. Many of these athletes want support from their friends and family. We need to remember that it’s us cheering them on partially gets them winning.

If you compare the school spirits in the schools from earlier classes to the current classes they are lacking. A teacher from Russellville said, “Students and parents don’t support Russellville and dress up for games as they used to when I used to go to school”. This may have reflected on the sports teams. If you think about it and you make a bigger student section and makeup themes, or just make more people dress up maybe that will have a bigger impact on the sports teams. A 9th grader, Natalie Cates says, “There are barely any Pep rallies, and when there are some we need more games and get the hype.” Many students agree.

Many ask the question “What can we do to fix this?” Some people have suggested including other middle school kids into these events! Most of the middle schoolers support the sports team as well. It’s not just the high schoolers, yes they do play, but you can’t forget about the other part of the school.

School spirit sets a tone for various aspects of the school and the students. Engaging in these simple aspects encourages a common bond between fellow students, faculty, and staff alike. Students with higher levels of school spirit perform better academically, are more civically engaged. That tells us right there that just dressing up and having pep impacts your school tremendously!

Sporting Slurs

By: Korissa Holloman

Coaches often use slurs to “encourage” their players.

Sports. Something people usually expect their children to participate in. Fathers are born a son, and almost immediately they are wearing their father’s favorite sports jersey. Today, this is seen as something extremely normal – something looked forward to. Sports are seen as a pillar of life, when in fact they’re mainly a stereotype. Many movies showcase the nerd boy who suddenly becomes popular because he “toughens up” and becomes a basketball player. The moral of the story most sports teams teach us is that we don’t need to be soft, or fragile, and spilling your emotions is as horrible as saying a curse word. But that’s not how teams are forged. They’re burnt in late-night spills, and crying on the field when it’s too much, of knowing each other as your own family.

But with every competition comes rage, hate, and insult. The things your suppose to share and suddenly pushed down – you’re all or nothing. While this may be good in-game, the long term effects aren’t worth it. Not everyone can be a solid brick every day, not everyone can maintain the stereotype of being strong. Some people are ‘soft’, some of the strongest people we know will cry and we need to learn that it’s ok. This is something pushed on men more so than women. This thing that’s passed down by fathers to their sons is a good thing – but they aren’t handled as well as they could be. Things are normalized, words that harm, and actions that do worse. It’s that normalization that hurts our community and our students.

The use of Queer, Gay, Homo, Soft, Weak, Feminine, Snowflake. All these words used as something negative. Being outside of the box is a weakness. So when do we start opening up after being shut down for so long? When do you stop hesitating? Until we as a community start losing out stereotypes, we don’t know when we’ll make progress, we don’t know if things will even change. But things are passed down through people, moves are learned just like how you learn a sport. We as people are mimickers. We need someone to take the first step, to call people out – how can you make a change?

The Limits Of Journalism

By Erica Sells

In 2018 RHS introduced the school newspaper, The Paw Print, giving students the opportunity to freely express themselves, but are the students enrolled free to write anything they want? Not really, considering the fact that this is a school, and there are certain topics that students must avoid. Students must remain objective even when writing an opinion piece, and struggle to find topics for your article. The point is, participating in School Newspaper is harder than one would think.

The Paw Print was established in 2018 as the student newspaper of RHS.

First, let’s touch on the issue of censoring. Newspapers, not just The Paw Print, must make sure to avoid specific issues or address them in a specific way. For example, a journalist may want to cover something about a person being assaulted, but they may be sued for not addressing the subject appropriately. Now, the school newspaper can’t be sued but it can be heavily censored, because some topics may be inappropriate for school. This can limit the kinds of articles that students can write.

Next, let’s cover the struggle to remain objective in the opinion section. Because the newspaper is supposed to provide facts, writers can’t just make a claim and not support it with evidence. It’s a very basic unwritten rule in journalism and some newcomers may notice it’s difficult to find reasons to support the statement they’ve made. As up-and-coming adults (teenagers), they tend to be very opinionated and impulsive. This can lead them to write whatever pops into their heads without considering the truth. The requirement of objectivity can significantly slow down the writing process.

Last but not least, the lack of non-sports-related events can make it harder to find article ideas. RHS has many sports to offer its students, but there are also many clubs as well. Though, the only club events you see with enough content to cover is Beta, because of all of their charity work. Sports are worth covering because they’re popular. Without a variety of subjects or topics choose from the journalist may develop writer’s block and be unable to write.
In conclusion, Journalism is not an easy class to participate in. Writing articles for The Paw Print isn’t easy, but the satisfaction one receives from finishing a piece is worth it. In the words of John Green, “Without pain, how can we know joy?” Hardship must be experienced to make what’s waiting at the end of the journey that much better.

You’re Making Me Uncomfortable

By Korissa Holloman

In today’s political climate everyone is always trying to find the in-between of self opinions and respecting others’ opinions. So what happens when those two crash? It’s hard to say. Each and every person in the world has a bias, aside, whether they believe it or not. But what is known is that is both sides are uncomfortable. One’s body being judged, and one is doing the judgment. The signs of discomfort are clear on both people’s faces, but how do we decide whos right? A question game. One that could last for a decade and a half, so today I’ll be saying my opinion.

The school’s dress code has been updated in spite of these complaints. Here in Russellville, students’ values and opinions are proudly represented. The dress code is a clear sign of that, and since it’s update no major problems have occurred. However, there is still a certain way in which we’ve been raised to comment on these types of things. One such comment is the ”Oh my god I can see your shoulder.”Of course, it’s usually used as a joke, but instead of telling the class to calm down there is the tendency to tell the girl to dress up. That begs the question of when rules are overruled by the classroom. Maybe it’s not forced upon her, but there’s that egging pressure, the snide looks, and the laughs. Dress code seems to be one of the few rules that people adhere to, but are still punished for it.

Anger, embarrassment, and the lack of comfort, perhaps this is what is spreading through her mind. Her face had turned crimson before she had even left. While the action may not have stayed long in the teachers’ mind, it could control the girls’ actions for some time. Students look up to their teachers like their own parents and treat them as authority figures whether they admit it or not. So just like when your parent scolds you, you try not to do the action again. While there are rules in place, one can’t help but try to please everyone. Next time you, or you see someone, judging someone else remember that everything you say does have a consequence, either positive or negative. At Russellville High School lets try to keep the little things to ourselves. But if it is really bothering you, try to talk to the person instead of demanding things off the bat.

The Importance of Recognition

By Trayvonn Stevenson

Recognizing the achievements and interests of all students will help us build a stronger community.

Have you ever done something remarkable, but you’ve got no recognition? Well, it happens a lot, in fact, almost half of RISD sports and extracurricular activities have little to no recognition. Believe it or not, some do not even know that we have a golf team, swim team, book club, and archery club. These are just some of the clubs and teams that are provided for students but at a cost. Little to no recognition, our archery team has gone to semi-finals, finals, nationals, and even worlds. If you ask me this is a huge achievement for Russellville Independent School system.

Based on our estimates, about 59% of our middle school students are unaware that these organizations exist within RISD. This is due to a lack of communication. And this problem must be fixed, these young students from the age of 9-16 work very hard every day for their school. One thing our school tells us to do is “Rep RVK”. But RVK does not “rep”, all of the kids that shape this school.

If this school system acknowledges more of the sports, clubs, and teams we will have lots of kids in our programs and more opportunities within the community. I sat down with one of our principal’s and he was not aware of this communication issue, but after we spoke he quickly agreed that more recognition was needed. Principal Jackson has made plans to address the issue of recognition such as having coaches meet with the students to inform them about all of the available sports at RMS and RHS. Principal Jackson also believes that middle school should not be left in the dark. He is striving to have more announcements on upcoming events. This gives me reason to believe that clubs and sports that were previously ignored will be getting their time in the spotlight very soon.

Homework Takeover

By: Natalie Cates & Gracie Belew

Did you know that 41.6% of students deal with anxiety? 36.4% of student’s anxiety leads to depression. We believe that most of this stress comes from too many assignments due, tests, and extracurricular.  Lots of students do something after school whether is be sports, work, band, and any other after school activities. Normally, these things don’t get done until later depending on the day. For example when we have games we don’t  get back home until 9-11:00 at night based on how far away the games are. A lot of the times, school work doesn’t get done until last minute and that makes students freak out because they have so much other stuff that they need to get done. This causes the student to have lots of anxiety and stress. 

To solve this problem, we believe that teachers should try to give less homework. For example, when we don’t get to certain things in class, instead of making us take it home allow us to finish it at the beginning of class the next day. This would make the students feel less stressed and give them time to do other things after school. We come to school for 7 hours a day only to leave and do more school work. In some cases the teacher doesn’t get done teaching the subject fully. They should just finish it out completely and save the student from being anxious, worrying if they will get it done or not. Overall, homework only stresses out students more than they were to begin with. To put an end to all of this anxiety, we should try to give the least amount of homework as possible.

Social Media Takes Over Your Closet

By Korissa Holloman

Social  media influences the fashion choices of Gen-Z at lightning speed. From comebacks to cut-outs, one can all easily see the change from day to day. The current influences range from e-girls to VSCO. With new types of social media coming out every other month we can’t seem to keep up with what’s new and what’s not. TikTok, Instagram, VSCO, and Vlogs are dominated by Gen-Z. 

A variety of styles are easy to see in school and on social media.

As most all of us know the newest trend, hydro flasks & #save the turtles, was sparked by the want to take pollution into our own hands. Like all trends it blew up, multiple companies are trying to now brand themselves as Green, and plastic/waste-free. Now simply looking up “Metal Straw” brings up hundreds of results. The power we hold is amazing since the trend started in roughly 2018 (some even before that), multiple cities and business have opted out of using plastic straws. While plastic straws aren’t the main threat to sea life, this small step may lead to even more legislation taken against big companies.

On a lighter note, let’s talk about TikTok, or formerly known as While the platform has mainly been deluded down to memes it’s not that uncommon to find a local eboy, kpop stan, or multiple artists (who mainly paint their clothes). Looking around our school it’s clear that those styles are present, and if anything clothing has definitely changed. Scrunchies and VSCO culture have taken over the hallways, and who can blame them the style is chic but comfortable. On the other end of the ‘spectrum’, we find our darker colors. Paint chains, dyed hair, and crop tops are only part of this side known as Egirls or Eboys, a mix of pastels, goth or emo culture, and bold makeup. One of the main trends on this site is ‘Factory’, this allows someone who may/may not be an Eperson to transform into one. The trend seems to be popular enough that the style has carried over. 

Instagram, the holding cell for everything. Almost everyone has one, including your moms, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s easy to format and easy way to connect to people without all the drama and outdatedness of Facebook, and less millenial and political than Twitter. Instagram is where almost every single influencer lays, where they start to pull everyone in. Influencers can vary in what they market but today well mainly be talking about clothing and fashion. A well-known figure, Zendaya, is an icon among many teens. A huge success for her includes her widely known ER makeover and traditionally black hairstyles in the midst of racists. She’s almost everything a teen could ask for headstrong, self-made, and being fully inclusive. Along with her multiple clothing & shoe lines, she definitely is a main influencer and even someone who people can look up to.