Does School Spirit Still Exist at RHS?

By Reese Croslin

In most high schools these days school spirit is either a top priority or it doesn’t exist at all. Nowadays teenagers are too embarrassed or believe it is foolish to practice school spirit

School spirit at Russellville High School has seemed to decline. Throughout the whole school system, there is very little school spirit. Most schools usually have senior pranks, high participation in homecoming week, high attendance in student sections at games, and even high attendance in school-related events. Many people this year have not participated in any of the student sections, dress-up days, and even pep rally’s.

Juniors celebrate their big volleyball win during Football Homecoming

Russellville’s sports, in general, have taken a long time to get going and have declined in wins. Many of the students think it is embarrassing to cheer on a losing school. Many of these athletes want support from their friends and family. We need to remember that it’s us cheering them on partially gets them winning.

If you compare the school spirits in the schools from earlier classes to the current classes they are lacking. A teacher from Russellville said, “Students and parents don’t support Russellville and dress up for games as they used to when I used to go to school”. This may have reflected on the sports teams. If you think about it and you make a bigger student section and makeup themes, or just make more people dress up maybe that will have a bigger impact on the sports teams. A 9th grader, Natalie Cates says, “There are barely any Pep rallies, and when there are some we need more games and get the hype.” Many students agree.

Many ask the question “What can we do to fix this?” Some people have suggested including other middle school kids into these events! Most of the middle schoolers support the sports team as well. It’s not just the high schoolers, yes they do play, but you can’t forget about the other part of the school.

School spirit sets a tone for various aspects of the school and the students. Engaging in these simple aspects encourages a common bond between fellow students, faculty, and staff alike. Students with higher levels of school spirit perform better academically, are more civically engaged. That tells us right there that just dressing up and having pep impacts your school tremendously!

Reese’s Review: Riverdale Season 4

By Reese Croslin

Riverdale season 4 is now available on Netflix and season 5 is currently airing on the CW.

Looking for something to watch after final week? Riverdale’s fourth season has not gone by fast enough  and the suspense is killing everyone. If you are familiar with the teens of Riverdale High you know how difficult it is to watch one episode at a time. Season3 is now available to stream on Netflix so you can catch up or go back and rewatch all of the drama in preparation for season 4 which is currently airing on the CW.

If you watch Riverdale you know the main characters including Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge. Many people (especially teenagers) are so drawn to the shows mystery, drama, romance, and a little bit of horror.

Let’s start at the beginning of Riverdale when a girl named Veronica Lodge moved to town and her dad Hiram Lodge is taking over the town. One thing he took down was the South Side Serpents which was ran by FP Jones. Now Hiram owns his own jail and he is in it!

In season 2 there is a unexpected character known as the Black Hood. He is a serial-killer, who kills the four main characters friends. The drama never ends on Riverdale and it only gets more insane when the Black Hood turns out to be the dad of one of the show’s main characters. The end of season 3 left the audience with a cliffhanger that leads into  season 4.

In the final moments of season 3, the shows jumps ahead and foreshadows a dark future for the Riverdale gang.  The final scene shows three of the main characters promising not to say a word while Archie holding Jughead’s beanie. They were all covered in blood! You might be wondering about what they did. Nobody knows yet. In the current season we recently saw the town sheriff  F.P. Jones walking into Riverdale High to arrest Betty, Veronica, and Archie for the murder of Jughead Jones. There faces don’t seem to be surprised in my opinion.

I highly recommend watching Riverdale for all of the crazy twists and turns. You can keep up with all of the madness if you stream on The “CW” Channel or app every Wednesday past 7 p.m. several episodes are up now and you can binge watch Riverdale over the Christmas break!

The Importance of Recognition

By Trayvonn Stevenson

Recognizing the achievements and interests of all students will help us build a stronger community.

Have you ever done something remarkable, but you’ve got no recognition? Well, it happens a lot, in fact, almost half of RISD sports and extracurricular activities have little to no recognition. Believe it or not, some do not even know that we have a golf team, swim team, book club, and archery club. These are just some of the clubs and teams that are provided for students but at a cost. Little to no recognition, our archery team has gone to semi-finals, finals, nationals, and even worlds. If you ask me this is a huge achievement for Russellville Independent School system.

Based on our estimates, about 59% of our middle school students are unaware that these organizations exist within RISD. This is due to a lack of communication. And this problem must be fixed, these young students from the age of 9-16 work very hard every day for their school. One thing our school tells us to do is “Rep RVK”. But RVK does not “rep”, all of the kids that shape this school.

If this school system acknowledges more of the sports, clubs, and teams we will have lots of kids in our programs and more opportunities within the community. I sat down with one of our principal’s and he was not aware of this communication issue, but after we spoke he quickly agreed that more recognition was needed. Principal Jackson has made plans to address the issue of recognition such as having coaches meet with the students to inform them about all of the available sports at RMS and RHS. Principal Jackson also believes that middle school should not be left in the dark. He is striving to have more announcements on upcoming events. This gives me reason to believe that clubs and sports that were previously ignored will be getting their time in the spotlight very soon.

RVK Buddies Brings Students Together.

By Malley Jayne & Madison Penrod

Mrs. Holtgraver supports James Shelton

This year in the middle school there are a wide variety of new clubs. One club in particular is the RVK Buddies. This club is a way to help the FMD room students to get out in the hallways and getting to know students throughout the school system better.

This club was formed when Nikki Holtgraver the 7th grade math teacher had the opportunity to have the special bonds with those students . Mrs. Holtgraver said, ” When I am having a bad day, they always brighten my day.”  By forming this club she has hopes that others will get the chance to have the relationships with them that she has. In doing this she has plans to involve students in this club in the special Olympics program, taking field trips,  being involved with them during school events, and making them feel welcomed throughout the school system.

The goal for this club is to make the FMD room students feel more natural and comfortable in the school and feel like they belong around others. For this goal students in the club should be able to communicate with others easily,  be a great role model, be able to act well behavior wise but also academically.  Meeting once a month students should also be able to manage time well.

Correction: An earlier caption incorrectly identified a student and has been corrected. 


8th Grade Night Softball

By Reese Croslin

Students honored at 8th grade night (left to right): Madsion Penrod, Daisy Lewis, Reese Croslin, Coach Davenport, Akiah Bell, Jayden Snorton, Crissy Higgins

September 17, 2019 was 8th grade night for softball. The Lady Panthers needed 2 wins for this big night. They had to play two varsity games due to weather conditions a few weeks back.  The 8th graders include Reese Croslin, Madison Penrod, Akiah Bell, Crissy Higgins, Jadyn Snorton, and Daisy Lewis.

The Lady Panthers played Franklin Simpson. One of the Lady Panthers biggest rivals! It was a district game. If we won both games we place 2nd in the district tournament since Logan County beat Russellville. If we loose both games were in 3rd place in the district tournament. The first game the Lady Panthers were the home team. It was the end  of the 4th inning and the score was 4-1. Lady Panthers were ahead.

Most of the Lady Panthers thought that there is no way that they can get ahead of us. But, we were wrong. They had 4 players hit the ball in the gap and little did the Lady Panthers know if adversity hits everything goes down hill.

Finally, The Lady Panthers got the last out and the score was 4-4 . The Lady Panthers had to score to win the game. Up first was Akiah Bell she hit a line drive to center field and they got the ball in before Akiah could get to 2nd base so, she stayed at 1st base. Next up to batt was Crissy Higgins  she hit a grounder in the gap between 3rd base and shortstop. The Lady Wildcats made an error and Akiah made it to 3rd base and Crissy made it to 2nd base. Next up to batt was Reese Croslin. The pitcher pitched a strike and Reese fouled it off. Coach Davenport, the head Coach of the RMS Lady Panthers took the game book and covered his face to tell Reese Croslin to sneak a bunt. The pitch comes out of the pitchers glove and hits the inside corner Reese turns and gets in bunt position she bunts it almost on the third base line. The Franklin Simpson 3rd basemen threw it to 1st base allowing Akiah Bell to score! Reese Croslin got there before she threw it. Everyone in the crowd and on the team went wild! The first game on 8th grade night was a success!

The Lady Panthers also celebrated a win after the first game! The score was 12-3!

RMS Softball Learns a Hard Lesson

By Reese Croslin & Madison Penrod

On September 10, 2019 the RMS softball team played Logan county. It didn’t turn out the best for Russellville Lady Panthers. Going into the 4th inning it was 0-0 and  the team that they are they got mad at each other and had some disagreements on the field. As soon as adversity hit the RMS softball went downhill.

Reports and RMS softball players Reese Croslin and Madison Penrod.

Let me tell you this, practice was not so easy after the game! We had to run a pole around the outfield if we made a bad throw, didn’t catch the ball, or didn’t throw it to the right base. You might say that was nothing, but you gotta think if you miss 10 balls or made 10 bad throws that’s 10 poles! Yes, our coach did work us at practice and I do agree with my coaches decisions because that night we learned something about our team. Coach Davenport said, “ Y’all are a bunch of crybabies and y’all need to grow up! “ We didn’t give as much effort as we could after the 4th inning. People argued with their siblings on the field and they were to busy worrying about their parents saying something to them. We even had someone who wanted to go to a football game then play softball! That night the entire team learned that when adversity hits we need to keep fighting. 

Bouncing back from the lost on September 10 the Lady Panthers on September 14th had a win over several teams in a tournament. That morning the team played Trigg County winning 14-0. That afternoon they also won against Hopkinsville winning 7-2. We are now back on our winning streak!

RMS Cheer Proves to Be a Tough Sport

By Emily Sadler

This summer has been long and tough for the RMS cheer team. They have worked really hard on their stunts, tumbling, jumps and cheers. Their coach Kayleigh Thomas is a new addition to the RMS cheer team. There are two 6th graders, two 7th graders, two 5th graders, and five 8th graders. At their cheer practice, they work on stunts, tumbling, jumps, and cheers. They currently have really advanced tumblers. Their stunts have improved dramatically, they know how to do pull-ups, half ups, libs, preps, and more!!! 

The current middle school cheerleaders are between 5th and 8th grade.  They have currently 11 girls on the cheer team. The girls cheer at most football and basketball games, but it can be a really tough sport. If the team is working on stunts they have to be really serious because something could go wrong and someone could get hurt. Tumbling changes depending on where the team needs more focus, for example, they could be working on more advanced moves like back handsprings, back tucks, fulls, all of which can be dangerous. Jumps aren’t always serious, but it’s always important to be careful and stretch before practice or games.

When the cheerleaders are cheering at the football or basketball games they have to be both serious and cheery. There are fun times at practice when they get to take pictures and get to try new stunts or new tumbling. When they are really focusing they get a lot of things done. The team has shown a lot of growth since the first day they started. If anyone is considering joining the team they won’t be disappointed, it’s a really good learning experience and they could find out that they are good at cheer and really enjoy it.

RHS JV Soccer Starts With A Splash

By Malley Jayne

On August 13th the Lady Panthers had their first soccer game of the season against Monroe county.  Starting off their second season the Lady Panthers were excited for there first game. Before the game started several players noticed how flooded the field was.

Expecting regular field conditions the team was disappointed when they found out a huge storm had hit the area a couple of hours before. Due to the storm hitting half of the filed was submerged in water. During the time before the game while the girls were warming up they were trying to learn and figure out the sweet spots of the field.  Defeating the team pretty easily they won 6-0.

Most of the girls are anywhere from 8th graders to juniors. The team includes Makiyah Morrow, Jermani Morris, Jasmine Kennedy, Anastasia Dowlen, Dominica Flowers, Irelan Evans, Aliyah Kennedy, Emily Stapelton, Malley Jayne, Caitlynn Patton, Amaya Maybray,  and Lexi Cothern.

The team as a whole have hoped that for the past year and a half they would eventually get enough girls to have more than just the 11 players needed to play on the field.  Right now the team has around 15 players on the JV team but on the middle school and high school team they each only have about 12 or 13 players. Having more people makes it easier when players are hurt, sick, or ineligible to play.

Big Changes for RMS Softball

By Madison Penrod

The RMS softball has just started up in the past 6 years and last season was their best yet.  The team went 22-6 which is the highest ever in the middle school’s record. The Lady Panthers won district and placed third at the state tournament.  Their effort, hard work at practice, and the team bonding allow them to achieve this win as a team.

This season the team lost 5 of their key players. This year the team is doing very well for having to fill the places of the 8th graders they lost while improving the players they already have.  The one really big spot they had to fill was a pitcher. Amiyah Collier pitched every varsity game last year. As a Freshman, she is no longer on the RMS team. While it’s good to have a strong team, a lot of newcomers presents its own challenges. The more experienced girls to improve because of the number of new girls on the team.

The current 8th graders on the team feel like they are often held to a higher standard than the other girls. 8th grader Reese Croslin said, “I feel like we have more responsibilities rather than less experienced girls. But, I get it though because we have to be a leader to the team.” Another eight-grader Crissy Higgins says she likes being an eighth-grader and being responsible. But, she does not like how the girls depend on upperclassmen to pick up everything after the games. Despite all of the changes, this will be another good year for the RMS Lady Panthers softball team.


Opinion: VSCO Girls-A Trend That Lacks Creativity

By Reese Croslin

VSCO girls are taking over social media with their scrunchies, Oversized T-shirts, and Hydro flasks.

VSCO girls are a big hit right now in Logan County not just here but in the United States. You might be wondering what VSCO girls are. A VSCO girl is someone whose lifestyle matches the aesthetic of the VSCO app.

Most of us know that the basic VSCO girl look is a Hydro Flask water bottle, friendship bracelets, a puka shell necklace, scrunchies, oversized t-shirt or hoodie, and someone who wears light makeup.  It’s a look that’s very much defined by a pretty basic look. They are getting so much attention just for their looks. Have you never seen anybody wear scrunchies or an oversized hoodie or shirt? That’s basically a VSCO girl. Maybe you just want to come to school and look like a bum, but it’s schools your getting up early anyway so why not dress up one day of the week.

My opinion on VSCO girls is they are getting way too much attention for very little creativity. They are literally taking over social media. Social media is flooded with weird sayings and sounds like,” and I oop” and “sksksks”. This is a ridiculous trend and I know I am not alone in my opinion. I asked fellow 8th grader Madison Penrod, her opinion on the trend.  She believed that they were getting attention for nothing and that these girls aren’t creating something new, but they are all doing the same basic they, “They are just being stereotyped”.  My point exactly!