Myths About Women: We Aren’t Housewives

By: Magdalena Ramirez

“We need to live in a culture that values and respects and looks up to and idolizes women as much as men ” Emma Watson said once. In other words, we need to modernize where genders are not viewed by categories or their  profession. Some think gender is equivalent to equality, but to me, gender should not determine how much equality a man or woman should receive, but it should be based on the determination and hard work. Although there are still closed-minded people that haven’t modernized fully and still view women as full-time mothers who should stay in a woman’s place — and some even claim women already have sufficient equality — however, women are the ones who hold economic power.

The perfect picture presented by society is a woman being a full-time mother and a stay-at-home parent, which it is shown that many people who see women in that perspective are stuck to old views and perceive other subjects with a closed mind. If we look at Gloria Steinem she stated “But while he was hunting, women built houses, tilled the fields, developed animal husbandry, and perfected language. Men being all alone in the bush often developed into a creature as a strong as a woman, fleeter of afoot, but not as bright”. This is an image that is still perceived by society because while the men went to work, the women stayed and built the house. In today’s world, it would be shown as having everything fixed in the house, having everything clean, and doing the necessary to build up a nicely structured and decent household. In today’s world, men are not behind a bush, but they are behind desk being corporate owners or workers, they are behind cars being mechanics, they are behind a construction-based job giving commands under the steaming sun, or behind an opponent ready to take a shot in the NBA, so at the end of the day the can bring money for the bread.

All these jobs, as seen through society, is that they are structured for men so the women can stay at home. Forenstence while the men are behind the desk, the women are probably behind the stove getting dinner ready. While the mechanic is fixing the car, the women are getting their kids ready for school. While the construction worker is behind his new project, the women are getting everything clean for their husbands to come home to. And while the basketball player is behind his opponent making a shot, his wife is probably at home making another cooking book, just like Stephen Curry and Alysha Curry. Even the basic persons and a celebrity’s life is not far apart from this perfect picture that society forecasts.

In addition to the lack of people viewing a perfect image of women being housewives, women are also viewed as the ones who hold economic power. Due to women having 51% of the shareholders and are a part of a 5% who receive $10,000 a total a year, without excluding the widows. All these facts still are not helping women gain equality. Continuing to quote Gloria Steinem she claims, “That’s a favorite male-chauvinist statistic”. The statistics showcase truth but it helps the males feel that they have this superiority towards women. This goes further on by showcasing male dominance in shows and movies. The show, Real House Wives conveys the message that women hold economic power. The women are displayed as rich women who get spoiled and are very passive-aggressive, all while their husband works.

Apart from the fact that society gives a perfect image of perfect women being in the household, and also beyond the fact that women are the ones that hold the economic power, it is also deleterious enough that people think that they already have enough equality. But in reality, this claim is false. Gloria Steinem claimed, “There has been ample testimony to prove that equal pay for equal work”.  One of our biggest testimonies that don’t get enough attention is the salary between an NBA player and a WNBA player. An NBA player’s salary is ten times more than the minimum salary of a WNBA’s. While an NBA player gets 85 times the amount than the salary of a WNBA salary. Last season Stephen Curry was the highest-paid player in the NBA. He earned $37,457,154, while in the WNBA, DeWanna Bonner was the highest earned female player after only earning $127,500.

Society as a whole should not be based on gender myths but based on equality, hard work, and determination. As Oprah Winfrey said, “A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another step stone to greatness”. Myths will not bring strong women down.

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