Artist Spotlight: Kylie LaPack

By Zy Amos

There are many talented people in RHS and one of those talents for many people is art. One student that has art as talent is Kylie LaPack.

LaPack’s work can be seen in the hallways of RHS and often sparks conversation.

Art is not for everyone people might think that doing something like art can be hard but for Kylie it’s easy. She made many cool and amazing artworks created overtime either on her own time or during school, whether it’s painting, drawing, or any other art forms such as markers and coloring pencils. She’s great at quick sketches which are very detailed. What inspired her to draw?

People do many things to express themselves and what they believe in throughout their daily lives either in school, during their work lives, or even at home. The same applies to Kylie. She’s been expressing herself and beliefs for her entire life with art. So, if you ever see her doodle in class or one of her pieces out in the hallway on the board near the art room, you should take a second to admire the hard work and time she put into making them.

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