Date Night Suggestions

By Gracie Belew

Simple date night suggestions from Gracie Belew.

“Date night” can be a stressful day of the week or month especially if you’re in a relationship.  Lots of couples go on cliche dates and buy each other the basic gifts such as chocolate and flowers. This year if you want to do different things with your friends or significant other, here are some ideas.

Not everyone has a partner, but you can still have fun! You can stay in and have a sleepover, go bowling, and surprise your friends with gifts. You and your friends can celebrate by having a sleepover and baking or watching romantic movies. You could go bowling in Bowling Green, get it?  Bowling is a fun way to spend time with your friends and get out of the house at the same time. If you do not have a partner and still want to surprise someone, you can get gifts for your friends. Some gifts for your friends could be chocolate or their favorite candy. Don’t forget the S in girlfriend(s).

If you are celebrating a date night with your sweetheart, you could stay in or go on a fun date. Some date ideas would be going out to eat, watching a movie, or you could go to the homecoming dance! Going out to eat can be romantic and just an overall good way to spend time together. If you are going for more of a romantic date, some restaurants you could go to Rafferty’s or Ariella’s. Going out to watch a movie could also be romantic. If you are looking for a good movie to watch on Netflix, you can try the new movie To all the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You!  Also, just because it’s date night doesn’t mean that you have to watch a romantic movie. Not all dates have to be super romantic, do what you think is fun.

Lara Jean: She Still Loves Them?

By Ashlynne Dowlen

If you’re interested in movies with Teen Drama, and Romance you should consider watching, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” by Susan Johnson. This is a good movie to watch with your friends, it’s very romantic and sweet. In this movie, a girl named Lara Jean wrote five love letters to her crushes: the crushes are Peter the most popular guy in her school, Kenny from camp,

Lara Jean with one of the many boys she loved before.

Lucas from homecoming, John Ambrose who is from Model UN, and Josh her sister’s boyfriend. Lara Jean kept her letters in a box hidden in her closet and she never sent them out. One day when they somehow got out it changed her life and she was embarrassed about it. After her letters got out Peter was going to tell her that it was never going to happen, at first she was confused and didn’t realize what he was talking about. She kissed Peter to avoid someone else who received a letter.  Lara Jean is lying to everyone in her life but she seems like she is really happy. If you like this movie then you should watch “ To All The Boys PS: I Still Love You” by Micheal Fimognari. It released on February 12th, 2020. Some other good movies that are similar to this one are the perfect date, the kissing booth, and the last summer. 

We Have Risen: A Black History Month Tribute

By Erica Sells

From our ancestor’s brothers and sisters
From across the Atlantic
From the ships filled with sickness
From the fields of torment
From the chains segregation
From the financial struggle

We rose
Rose from pain
Rose from discrimination
We are still rising
Rising from hardship
Rising from the scraps of the past

Oh! Liberation!
How sweet it tastes
Now we forever savor it
An everlasting flavor
It brightens the soul
Like a lighthouse over the sea

Make Studying Less Stressful

By Destiny Powell

Studying for exams can be very stressful. Organization and planning will help you to actively study for your courses. When studying for a test, organize your materials first and then begin your active review by topic.

When studying don’t try to multitask because when you take steps to focus solely on the topic you are studying. It will give you a high-intensity of focus. You can spend an hour studying rather than 3 hours. You will accomplish more when you aren’t distracted.

Focus solely on the topic you are studying.

Highly successful students have generally learned to avoid multitasking. Instead of spending a lot of time doing low-intensity work with numerous distractions, these students work for shorter periods at a higher intensity, without any distractions from email, social media, etc. Their studying is more effective and leads to greater achievement gains.

A way to make studying easier is to space out study sessions, focusing on a topic for a short period on different days has been shown to improve comprehension more than massed practice. 

Self-quizzing is an excellent study strategy in preparing for an exam. Self-quizzing is more effective than rereading. You should incorporate these quizzes into their study sessions, answering every question, even those you believe you know well. 

Self-quizzing is an excellent study strategy in preparing for an exam.

Another effective method of studying is to work on a set of problems that are related but not all of the same kind. For example, a set of math problems that call for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. The consecutive problems cannot be solved with the same strategy. This is more effective than doing one multiplication problem after another.

Paraphrasing and reflecting is a good way to study for an exam. Many people read a few paragraphs in a textbook only to realize that we didn’t retain a single concept or key point presented in those paragraphs. To retain the information use intentional learning strategies. These include relating what is being learned to prior knowledge or personal experiences, thinking about how they would explain the content to a 5-year-old, and reflecting on and asking questions about the content. 

Swole Season: Softball Winter Workouts

By Natalie Cates

High school softball season usually starts in the late winter, early spring. The girls who aren’t playing any other sports at the time can go to workouts and conditioning. However, these workouts are also open to any of the softball girls or the girls that want to play. During these workouts, we hit, practice fielding, and do lots of stretches.

Coach Ryan D. and Assistant Coach Katy W. have many different ways to help us improve. For example, we have to learn certain tee drills to help our swing get better. Sophomore Addison Mosier says,” I think it is a really good and productive time for getting back into that attitude and team bonding before the season starts.” It’s good for these girls to get the chance to practice early because they get that extra practice that can really benefit them. The younger girls that can’t play high school ball yet are getting used to that faster movement of things in high school softball practice so it’ll help them in middle school too.

Freshman Abi Miller said, “It’s going good and I like it a lot. I’m glad I decided to play this year, I enjoy it a lot and the things they have us do help me to get better!” All in all this year’s high school softball is going to be a good and enjoyable year.  If you are interested in playing you can come to the practice and weight lifting to try it out.

Valentines Day: Not Just About Couples

By Korissa Holloman

This is the season of relationships, chocolate, and usually self-pity. Our social media is constantly blasting images of couples, late-night dinners, and romantic dates. Hallmark is producing all the usual movies, but extra lovey dovey. But you’re not alone if you’re throwing a party for yourself, or spending it like any other day. Over 124.6 million in the world will be spending valentines alone.

What we seem to forget while we cry over being alone, is that we’re actually not.

Family is the perfect company for Valentine’s Day.

Spending time with your “special one” doesn’t have to apply to just your significant other (s.o.). Valentine’s Day can be spent with yourself, your friends and even a special night to spend with your family. During these times you may feel lonely, it’s important to remember those who’ve been with us in the longest run. As cringey or silly as it sounds, go on a date with your father, take your mother out to dinner, spend time with your brothers and sisters, and let them know that their love is returned. Make sure to give as much as you take.

Of course, not everyone can visit, so we can bring the party at home. Spend your time off of social media and take some time for yourself. Gorge on those valentine chocolates, or wait until they’re on sale. Just keep in mind that Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about showing off your s.o.; it came from a much more violent background. So, while you google the history behind valentines, let yourself sink into a tub, play your favorite game, or do what you love the most. Just remember that it is the season of love and joy, you don’t spend it all being sad, someone is out there.

Retro Movie Review: Back To The Future

By: Zy Amos

Image result for watching tv"
“Back to the Future” is perfect for Movie Night.

There is a movie called Back To The Future. It’s a great movie with even better actors. It has lots of adventure, comedy, and sci-fi. It’s the perfect movie to watch when you’re bored, or when you just want something good to watch on Movie Night.

Back To The Future is about a 17-year-old high school student, Marty McFly, that went back in time in the machine invented by his best friend, Doc Brown. Marty travels back in time and encounters the young version of his parents. He does everything in his will to make sure that they stay together and fall in love. If he doesn’t, he’d never exist. 

The best part of the movie is how adventurous and comical it is. The movie isn’t very serious and it’s mostly just to watch just for fun. Another good part of the movie is the time machine. The ‘time machine’ is just a modified car and isn’t what you would typically think of when hearing a time machine. The ending was touching and sweet, unlike the wild adventures of the movie. So, if you ever have the time, Back To The Future is the movie you should watch.

Online Safety in the Modern Day

By Korissa Holloman

Every kid thinks they know everything about social media, how everything’s recorded and hidden by Snapchat, and that your ‘date’ will keep everything to themselves. But no, you are not safe, and yes there’s always a chance that those images will be leaked. Not only to your peers but to Internet Crimes Against Children, an online task force used by the secret service to stop pedophilia, child slavery, and worse. Their website states, “By helping state and local agencies develop effective, sustainable responses to online child victimization …the ICAC Program has increased law enforcement capacity to combat technology-facilitated crimes against children at every level.”

boB Couchman – who enjoys writing his name backwards – worked as a 13-year-old girl for 10 years of his life. Even to the point when he raised his younger daughter, he followed the many trends brought into her life, including the many one direction posters. “Amanda” helped him cat-fish many predators over his life, even pulling a man from the UK. There is no stop to these people, and his many years posing as a child shows it.

Now we get into the technical side of things. There are many different laws in Kentucky concerning online images, usually those of “a risque sort”. 1, it is illegal to ask a minor for nudes- even if you are also a minor yourself, even consenting or not – and you can receive a felony for it. 2, for every nude picture you have – the same person or not – is a class D felony. 3, the spreading of nudes can be a class A demeanor. For those of you who don’t know, that can be up to a year in prison and fine of up to $ 5,000. Also in the Kentucky laws are unsolicited images. A simple report puts you in the clear. Mr. Couchman stresses that as long as you work with the police, the fewer punishments you will receive. Be honest and they’ll be on your side.

Wuhan Virus

By: Erica Sells

The Coronavirus began in December 2019.

The Wuhan Coronavirus was first reported in December. As of January 31st, 2020, there are over 10,000 confirmed cases of the illness. Out of those 10,000, nearly 220 have already died due to the disease. In just three weeks, the Wuhan virus has infected more than the previous SARS outbreak in 2002. SARS had only 8,000 cases within a year. Though, SARS was far more deadly, claiming the lives of 774 people.

Coronaviruses are transferred from animals to humans. This new coronavirus outbreak began in a food market within the Wuhan district, where it is common for exotic animals to be illegally sold. Scientists speculate it could’ve been transferred to humans because they were eating bats, but the same could be true of snakes.

Common symptoms of the Wuhan virus include sore throat, coughing, runny nose, fever, headache, and fluid in the lungs. This disease is airborne, but can also be transferred from person to person through physical contact. It has been concluded that symptoms will begin to show after 14 days. Because of this incubation period, travelers coming from the Wuhan district are quarantined before being allowed to roam.

On that note, please make sure to thoroughly wash your hands and maintain optimum hygiene to remain healthy.

Senior Feature: My Tran

By Erica Sells

As we enter the second semester, the class of 2020 gets even closer to the day they shall be thrown onto the busted-up car named “Life”. But before that, the news team thought it’d be a good idea to find out what’s running through their heads. Specifically, My Tran’s. 

My Tran is a part of the Academic Team and is a library aide. As a Senior, she feels that she has learned a lot but is still confused about what’s ahead. She has benefited from the dual credit classes, though she thinks she would have been even better prepared with a class to teach her real-life skills. Such as filing taxes, tuition, student loans, etc.. 

My Tran working hard behind the circulation desk.

My Tran has already applied for and been accepted to Western Kentucky University, University of Louisville, University of Tennessee, Northern Kentucky University, Campbellsville University, and Wayne State University. She chose these colleges because of their exceptional biology and medical courses.

At one of her many options, she will earn a bachelor’s in biology and enter a medical school to become either a Ph.D. or an MD. Because she loves helping others and biology has always been a fun subject, she decided to be a doctor. My Tran advises that her underclassmen, “hang out with [their] family and friends as much as [they] can because Senior year comes and goes very quickly”. Tran has a reputation for being a hard-working, passionate student who values family and has a bright future ahead of her.